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The Urban Sustainability Management Platform (USMP) City Logbooks site can be used to set up and manage indicator logbooks for both a city or community or for a project or programme in a city or community.

Two types of logbook are supported. One is for indicators based on reference frameworks togther with a few assessment systems (the FIDIC Project/Programme Sustainability Logbook - PPSL - is provided). The other type is based on sets of standard indicators (in this case two city indicator sets are provided, namely the ISO 37120 city performance indicator set and the ISO 37122 smart city indicator set).

For both types of logbook, indicators are mapped to the ISO 37101 purpose/action area categories.

In creating a framework-based logbook, for each relevant purpose/action area category, a user selects one or more reference frameworks and/or assessment systems taken from the FIDIC PPSL framework and details the corresponding indicator or indicators. Similarly for an indicator-based logbook, except that in this case the indicator is defined if it is selected from the standard set provided.

A user can also specify: a) a custom reference framework/assessment system or indicator as an alternative for a purpose/action area category; or b) an additional reference framework/assesment system or indicator for a category that does not have a standard reference framework/assessment system or indicator.

Indicators are displayed graphically to help understand the complex interplay between different urban perspectives such as smart services and the performance of urban services.

A test account (Username = "test"; Password = "test") is available to view logbooks for a tramway project.

Registered users can use a Trial Subscription for up to two projects. All users are informed by email of the types of Full Subscriptions that are available. See usms.online for information about the USM Platform.

USMP City Logbooks

Use the test account to view logbooks for a city tramway project
(Username = test; Password = test).

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